Meet Our Physician Assistants and Nurse Practitioners

Physician Assistants, or P.A.s, are state licensed/federally certified health care professionals who practice medicine with the supervision of a licensed physician.

At First State Orthopaedics, our P.A.s work as team members in a close and dynamic association with our orthopaedic surgeons. This team approach allows First State Orthopaedics to deliver the highest quality care available. You will find our P.A.s in many settings with our surgeons: evaluating patients in the office, the emergency room, or the hospital. They can also be seen on the sidelines of many area sporting events where they serve as the on-site medical professionals to evaluate on-field injuries and make the return-to-play decisions. First State Orthopaedics P.A.s also provide our local athletes with pre-participation physicals in preparation for upcoming seasons.

Our P.A.s work as surgical assistants in the operating room to allow the safest and most efficient completion of even the most complex surgical procedures.

Postoperatively, the P.A.s will help manage your recovery in the hospital and beyond. This includes addressing your concerns, questions, and prescription needs throughout your return to health. All of these services are an extension of your doctor's care.

Together, our physicians and physician assistant teams make up the region's most experienced orthopaedic practice, devoted to providing you with the best orthopaedic care available.

All of our Physician Assistants are members of the American Academy of Physician Assistants.

Nurse practitioners are state licensed and federally certified healthcare professionals who practice medicine and collaborate with licensed physicians.

At First State Orthopaedics, our nurse practitioners are licensed and certified in Family Medicine and work with Dr. Bodenstab in the office to provide patients more flexibility in scheduling appointments and to ensure more comprehensive management of their other medical conditions as they might relate to the patient’s orthopedic diagnosis and treatment plan. Sandy and Diane see patients both preoperatively and postoperatively to ensure continuity of care, manage medications and to answer questions as they arise.