"I had shoulder surgery last year – it went fabulous! Now I blew my knee out over the weekend – I called 7am Monday and was in the office at 8am. Thanks!" - Nina Sneennjer

"I have been overwhelmingly satisfied with the service and quality of care!" - Ann Marie Townshend

"Dr. Brady was very professional and receptive. I liked him and will follow his advice!!" - Anonymous

"Dr. Brady is clearly conscientious and an amazing surgeon. I thank him heartily for my new hip and improved quality of life!" - Anonymous

"I love [Dr. Bodenstab]! He takes time with me to explain everything and is very thorough." - Francine Whye

"Dr. Bodenstab has done everything under the sun to try to get movement out of my left knee. Hoping that this is the last time. He has been a great doctor to me!" - Kenneth R. Raively, Jr.

"It was very easy to talk to [Dr. Bodenstab]. He answered al of my questions, and I was very pleased with him." - Joan McKeehan

"I would recommend Dr. Bodenstab to anyone who is experiencing issues with their knees. He and his staff are magnificent." - Rita K. Harris

"Dr. Bodenstab listens to all of my concerns and truly cares for his patients." - Rose Marie Ghelli

"Pleasant experience in Wilmington Hospital and with Dr. Bodenstab and Sandy Brackin." - Carole Green

"As with any major surgery, there was pretty high degree of anxiety going in, but I had a great confidence in the First State team and Dr. Handling. To anyone on the fence about this surgery, I can only recommend that you have it done at First State Ortho!" - Howard E. Miller

"I have been very happy with all aspects of care at First State Orthopaedics, from seeing Dr. Handling for my shoulder and Dr. Straight for my knee." - Anonymous

"Dr. Kahlon’s overall interaction with us and knowledge of care was outstanding." - Jean Johnson

"The office staff was amazing. Dr. Kahlon was extremely professional and caring!" - Karen Palmer

"[Dr. Kahlon] made breaking a bone a pleasure…almost. You guys rock!" - Linda Holt

"This has been a great experience. All staff has always been very professional and courteous no matter the office. Dr. Pushkarewicz is a great doctor. I would recommend First State Ortho to anyone!" - Anonymous

"I have been following Dr. Pushkarewicz for over 20 years! He has restored function to very damaged joints. I highly recommend him." - Anonymous

"[Dr. Pushkarewicz] is able to listen and explain well. He has provided good assurance and comfort, and I could trust him. He could provide good advice to get back on back with games." - Bejoy Thomas

"[Dr. Pushkarewicz] is very knowledgeable, very nice, easy to talk to, worked with my needs, and saved the day!" - Tonia Pritstley

"Dr. Pushkarewicz is an expert in his field and possesses all of the skills and qualities of a first rate physician." - Jose Manalo

"I was very well taken care of from my first visit to my last visit! [Dr. Pushkarewicz] helps me with any questions regarding my knee condition. I highly recommend all of their services available." - Karl Hansen

"I was very happy with my care, and Dr. Pushkarewicz put me at ease and answered all my questions." - Ana Muzzi

"Dr. Zaslavsky and Sarah took care of me really well. I feel great again! I have no more pain. The office staff is cool." - Nancy Bobadilla

"I had a knee replacement, and Dr. Pushkarewicz and the staff were excellent!" - Charles F

"Excellent!" - Barbara B.

"I recommend Dr. Pushkarewicz to all of my friends – First State Orthopaedics is the only place I will go." - Don D.

"Dr. Leitman did a great job replacing my left knee joint. I am very happy. I would recommend FSO to all my friends!" - Timothy W.

"Best surgery experience ever [with Dr. Leitman]!" - Patricia C.

"Amazing service! Very pleased with everyone. Keep it up!" - Connor D.

"Fantastic! Dr. Kahlon is very thorough and patient." - Jose F.

"I feel that [First State Orthopaedics] does the best for me." - Edna B.

"Dr. Newell is very kind and caring. He always listens to me. April is the best! 5-stars!" - Anna C.

"Love Dr. Axe!" - Jill M.

"Couldn’t have asked for a more courteous staff!" - Anonymous

"Excellent care – no issues!" - Robert R.

"The staff was very friendly!" - Anonymous

"The entire staff shows great care. Dr. Kahlon is patient and clear in answering my questions." - David S.

"Dr. Kahlon was perfect and very patient." - Mildred W.

"My experience was excellent! I had total faith in the staff and in Dr. Axe!" - Charles S.