Nurse Case Managers

Claire Currey: Clinical case management for Dr.'s Axe, Brady, Handling, Johnson, Kahlon and Katz.
Phone: (302) 354-8946 Fax: (302) 861-3707

FSO Administrative Staff Contacts

Workers Comp and Auto Department

Scheduling New WC patients and verifying WC insurances:

Jenn Wilson x 1695

Verifying PIP related claims

Tina Ritchie x 1696

Collections and management of active PIP accounts

Jessica Rosado x 1606

Office notes and Delaware WC Physician Forms

Jo Caramanico x 1607

WC based accounts and Accounts in Litigation:

Amy Marcheski x 1614 Account management for Dr.'s Michael Axe, Jeremie Axe, Handling, Manifold, Tooze and Sowa.

Jennifer McHugh x 1604 Account management for Dr.'s Brady, Johnson, Kahlon and Sowa

Kim Hutchinson x 1617 Account management for Dr.'s Ginsberg, Rudin and Zaslavsky. FSO account negotiations. Managing supervisor of WC/AA department.

Leanne Maloy x 1624 Account management for Dr.'s Crain, Leitman, Raisis, Bodenstab and Smucker.

Karen Keane x 1629 Account management for First State Imaging Center and Dr.'s Pushkarewicz, Gotha, Straight and Steele.

Amber Ulm x 1631 Account management for Dr.'s Moran, Newell and Mavrakakis. Support scheduler for Jenn Wilson.

Physician Secretary Contact Info

Secretaries are responsible for the scheduling, invoicing and collections of legal requests including: deposition dates, teleconferences, office conferences and reports.

Supervisor Liz Cosgrove x 1121 or

Tina Callis x 1122, Dr.'s Sowa and Handling

Dana Williams x 1127, Dr.'s Michael Axe, Jeremie Axe and Straight

Susan Lau x 4111, Dr. Mavrakakis and PA Wright

Jackie Stonebraker x 1126, Dr. Raisis

Joan Palmer x 1123, Dr.'s Crain and Kahlon

Kim Juhas x 4150, Dr.'s Manifold, Tooze, and PA's Dixon and Sealund

Kristi Madonna x 1102, Dr.'s Johnson, Bodenstab and Leitman

Lauren Flanaganx 1152, Dr.'s Rudin and Zaslavsky

Laurie Savaren x 1125, Dr.'s Brady, Gotha and Smucker

Marge Tarpine x 1128, Dr.'s Ginsberg, Moran, Newell and Pushkarewicz

For any issues involving a patient’s prescription or clinical orders please contact the secretary. A message will be tasked to the clinical staff to be addressed after office hours.

**For Medical Records requests, please contact the medical records staff at extension 1041