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New Patient Scheduling for Workers’ Comp and Auto Based Injuries

Extension 1695

Questions or Concerns regarding Patient Accounts, Patient work status or Patient Treatment Plans for all Workers Compensation and Personal Injury based Accounts

Extension 1690

Office notes and work status notes for Insurance Adjusters, Nurse Case Managers and Employers only. Please contact:

Jo Caramanico x 1607

Legal Scheduling for Depositions, Teleconferences, Legal report requests and DME/IME

Joan Palmer x 1123

Dr.'s' Bodenstab, Brady, Crain, Gershkovich, Handling, J. Axe, Johnson, Kahlon, Manifold, Newcomb, Sowa, Straight, Tooze.

Lauren Flanagan x 1152
Dr.'s Costanzo, Ginsberg, Leitman, Lingenfelter, Mavrakakis, Moran, Newell ,Pushkarewicz, Raisis, Rudin, Seifert, Smucker, Zaslavsky.